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Manuela Rosso
Michele Cassino
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Manuela Rosso
Michele Cassino
Oscar Bernelli

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The property, the subject of the intervention, is located on the ground floor of a nineteenth-century building situated in the historic center of the Municipality of Cuneo.
The works carried out mainly served the refunctionalization of premises that had been unused for several years and were now old and degraded for the operation of a daytime meeting center, managed by the Social Cooperative "Il melograno", called Take5!.

The need, and also the challenge, was therefore to create a large multifunctional space adaptable to various activities that could range from small conferences, cooking classes, book presentations, etc...

Wood was extensively used to make the environments warm, which are also well visible from the outside thanks to a large showcase-seat.

The need to close the existing staircase shaft was exploited to create a volume that was not intended to reach the ceiling, so as not to interrupt the vaults, thus giving it an architectural shape like a "diamond".

A darker shade was chosen for the latter to make it even more visible, while for everything else, walls and ceilings, a lighter green was used.

To divide the spaces, two fixed internal windows with multicolored window decals were installed.