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I’m a commercial photographer and a recovering architect located in Seattle. I have been co-designing and having my personal home built for the last 3 years. I’d love to introduce you to the project. I think best way for you to get an idea of the project is to visit the daily Instagram feed 2xs_and_nails.

The design of the home is driven by 4 concepts, natural light, a south facing courtyard, negative space, and the entry sequence. The south facing courtyard for much needed light in the PNW is the first room of the home that you experience. The home is broken into 3 buildings and the negative space that those buildings create is the outdoor and indoor living spaces. Entering the home is done through a sequence that compresses you both horizontally and then vertically, until you arrive at the courtyard entry gate. As a photographer the quality of light in the home was incredibly important, to achieve great light all the windows are recessed in white boxes that bounce light deep into the project.

We will be complete with construction in 2 months. The home is 2200 square feet, it has an additional 800 square feet of flex space that will be my photography studio for now, but was design to become an ADU in the future. With the incredible construction boom happening in Seattle right now cost have skyrocketed. I worked hard on a simplistic design and I’m proud to say that we are building for about 10% more than spec is getting done for in Seattle.