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Seward Residence

House (Single Residence)


Hester Hardaway

From Dillon Kyle Architects

We took several cues from the rolling topography in our design for this contemporary country residence. Sited at the crest of a bluff, the main house, breezeway, pool, and garage arc along the curved edge of the hill, well positioned to capture panoramic views. A single roof stretches across all of the buildings, sloping upward as if to extend the hilltop. In a nod to the rusty metal barns that dot the landscape, we used Corten steel shingles on the roof and exterior walls; they cast patterns of shadow as the sun moves over the home. Inside the house, the ceiling is softly vaulted but strongly colored in what we call “Magritte blue,” enhancing the illusion of the sky reaching into the house. An unlikely feature for a ranchland home is the grassy croquet court; large and level, it is cut into the hillside and is oriented to take full advantage of the sunsets.