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Severn Sound Cottage

House (Single Residence)


Square Feet
Full Baths
Partial Baths


Maciek Linowski

From Trevor McIvor Architect

Severn Sound Cottage overlooks the horizon and waves of beautiful Georgian Bay. This project includes three phases: the main cottage (on the right in the adjacent image), the reno cottage (shown on the left in the image), as well as the landscaping in the middle adjoining the two projects. Severn Sound Cottage has a contemporary design featuring large roof overhangs, an open-concept interior layout as well as clean, simple detailing. The main cottage features 13ft (4m) ceiling heights with Douglas Fir wood ceilings and soffits, punctuated by exposed timber joists creating a rhythm and guiding you towards the over stone terrace in the middle. Most of the public spaces in the main cottage are fully glazed making the user feel as it they are outside, protected from the natural elements, overlooking the water. The bedrooms are hidden by being either elevated from the main space or below it. The strongest feature is the cantilevered roof sheltering the area between the living space and the outdoor terrace. When the sliding doors are open, the living space spills onto the outside, creating an extention of the living space and making it an ideal spot for hosting large family gatherings. The smaller cottage was renovated to have a flat roof and matching elements such as cladding, form, as well as windows to the new, larger cottage. Overall, the landscaping in between the two buildings, consisting of stone and native plants joins the two cottages as one project.