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Situated in the heart of downtown Kyoto, a stay at Senraku House gives guests easy access to much of the city’s offerings. Walk to the nearby Nijo Castle, or take a short train ride to the Kiyomizu Temple, the Gion Geisha District, or the Yasaka Shrine, just to name a few. Day trips to neighboring towns Nara, Ohara, and Osaka are also a breeze with Senraku House as your basecamp.

The house itself underwent a sleek renovation in 2011 that preserved the original building’s authenticity, while injecting it with luxe updates. Chocolatey brown accents bring a rich warmth to the wooden and a white interiors, setting a scene of serenity throughout. Traditional sliding doors called Shoji bisect the cozy rooms, creating intimate spaces for reading, relaxing, and tea time.

Senraku House provides the perfect place for a traditional Japanese experience that will have you feeling like a resident instead of a tourist.