Seagull Image Store located in Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai, was upgraded to a new appearance. Seagull Watch born in 1955 is the epitome of the ages and the icon of national spirit. Space architect Li Xinzhe takes the historical element of building and ambience into consideration to balance the relationship between architectural conservation and space storage and strives to achieve the effective fusion of brand culture and space experience. Combined with walnut wood with a coffee color, an elegant and retro visual image is presented. By using concave-convex relationship between hidden steel wire and covered groove, walnut frames suspend in space to build a distinctive show window. Display cabinet design, display in the front and transaction in the back. You may sit at the table and listen to old man’s talk about process and history behind each watch. Display cabinet is designed based on mortise-and-tenon joint. Lock and switch are replaced with push-pull slide and latch to guard the property behind each window in the way of ingenuity. Leather and sewing thread are unfolded and spread inside the cabinet to highlight the quality connotation of Seagull Watch in a delicate way. Air conditioner is installed with guardrails on the top and put together with logo to look like a terrace. In this way, whilst all problems are solved and old buildings are protected, the storefront can stand out from the environment with large numbers of stores.

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