Scavenger Studio

On Puget Sound, activist and filmmaker Anna Hoover collaborated with Les Eerkes, a principal at Olson Kundig Architects, on a 693-square-foot studio in the woods. Using freecycled materials and a six-footed foundation to rein in construction costs, Hoover and Eerkes created a distinctive structure that treads lightly on the land.

he house features materials, cabinetry, and plants salvaged from homes slated to be demolished.

In the sleeping loft, floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the fir canopy of the surrounding forest.

The kitchen and living area occupies the ground level of the double-height interior while a sleeping loft is above.

Hoover's favorite aspect of the house is its calm mood and "the quietude and solace I experience while inside," she says.

A door next to the bed drops down, opening the room to its surroundings.


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