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Santani Wellness Resort & Spa


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Santani Wellness Resort & Spa

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We’ve been singing the praises of Sri Lanka’s boutique hotels for some time now, but we’ve got to admit, this one took our breath away. Santani Wellness Resort and Spa puts together so many of the things we love about this island — the unbearably scenic landscapes of the interior, the homegrown tradition of tropical-modernist concrete architecture, and the legendarily welcoming Sri Lankan hospitality — that it might be worth a return trip all on its own.

There are no half-measures. At Santani, a “wellness resort” isn’t simply a hotel with a spa, it’s a place that’s designed from top to bottom to promote relaxation and contemplation. Here, minimalist modern architecture isn’t chosen because it’s photogenic — though it certainly is that — but because, when it’s done right, it can induce the sort of meditative calm that’s essential for this kind of escape.

Case in point: the rooms are built like cinemas, oriented towards a single view — here it’s the immense landscape visible beyond the balcony, through floor-to-ceiling windows. Each stands alone, making the most of its elevation over the valley, and they’re all equipped for maximum comfort without sacrificing the clean, simple visual style.

The spa, too, frames its views judiciously, with spectacular slices of jungle and mountainside visible through openings in the concrete. Not that your other senses are neglected here; from spa treatments to yoga to ancient Ayurvedic practices, the Santani experience is meant to be a transformative one. (And the cuisine, whether you choose the ketogenic, the cleansing, or the simple Ayurvedic vegetarian program, will be transformative as well.)

Architectural distinction in a spectacular setting, with intensive wellness and devoted hospitality — what more could you ask for?

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