RiPreso is a new waste collection center that wants to be something more than a collection of trash bins on a smelly square and bordered by an ugly fence. The project aims to be a plastic representation of a new way of life; we have imagined it as a large comb that sticks into the ground dividing functions and suggesting actions. We imagine the future linked to lifestyles related to sustainable development, to awareness of consumption and to resource optimization; we imagine a virtuous town that becomes a model to follow, where people live better. In this context the project is a technically and culturally response innovative, a scenario in which are defined appropriate strategies of urban action. The waste is removed from its traditional context and gets a new value, returning merchandise. The main aim of our project is to make sure that his frequentation becomes part of the habits of the citizen: with the same mechanism that is used when we go to the store to buy what we need, here you go to the center collection when we have to dispose something. we don’t have to dress as if you have to go to a stable, we don’t have to close our nose and keep children away. this is a pleasant place, safe and clean, where you can go with the kids to show what is the right behavior. the future is bound to be more aware. We believe that may also be created interesting possibilities to start job programs of social value: disassembly laboratories, assembly centers for clothing or books, thrift shops, …. a new micro-entrepreneurship.

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Interior Design
Landscape Design
  • Scandanavian
  • Year
  • 2016