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Residence C.L


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The floor plan layout of Residence C.L.twists and plans with a 45o cross. It is a very unusual type for residence.Every room keeps its individual independence and solves the problem of ventilation and insufficient lighting for the old houses. Furthermore, it can preserve the ground building materials of 1980s.There is no specific function in the neutral region which is segmented from the central linking space. It is more likely to be a buffer zone. Thanks to this space, it can wipe off the direct interference between the public and the private domain. However the neutral area becomes a communicating bridge to connect the other space. Life becomes a free creativity through the users’ interflow.

The cornerwise slash lines in the deployment divides the space proportion to set up three rooms, two bathroom equipment and two halls and to make sure all the space has independent ventilation and sufficient light. The elevation design continues the plane oblique base to construct the space framework. It gives up the sealed compartment.The oblique walls on both sides separate the kitchen and the backfield solid space. Both new and old boundaries indicate the void areas and make the different space can divide naturally and to interact easily, keeping the flexibility of using the public territory. Geometrical elements penetrate through the space details to integrate the structure of the plane and the elevation. People can choose building materials to be the design venation. With the pure white hue bright space, it creates a vision focus. The interesting geometrical bricks mix up many varieties through combination at random. Connected with 40-year-old Taiwanese white stone building files, there are still familiar scenes on every corner. The new and old arrangement is brand new but it is not conflict. However it lasts the memories among three generations and let the space and time exist together.