wd.stl.tbl [wood.steel.table] is intentionally named as it was designed, stripped down to its simplest form to expose the table's materials - reclaimed wood and raw steel. The goal was to locally craft a functional, eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind furniture piece through as little material as structurally possible. To achieve this, steel was imbedded into finger jointed wood so the table could support itself without the aid of bulky structure. As a nod to mid-century Danish furniture makers, structural lines were brought to the forefront and details were intentionally exposed to highlight their significance. Functionally, the table maintains maximum layout surface area where space is limited. Its standard three sizes makes it ideal for use as a desk, sofa back table or for retail merchandise display. The table reduces its carbon footprint through the use of barn-salvaged wood coated with natural beeswax, carnauba and orange oil - a blend that can be easily reapplied to enhance its beauty and depth of grain. Similar to mid-century Danish furniture, this piece is intended as a keepsake to be passed down to future generations.

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