Apartment Renovation of two architects in Tel Aviv city center
Architects in Charge and Clients: Salty Architects (Hadar Menkes and Motti Rauchwerger)

Size: 75m2

Year: 2017

The space is set within a typical Tel Avivian apartment building from the late 50s in the city center. The apartment was acquired by the duo architects and designers Motti Rauchwerger and Hadar Menkes. The renovation was planned and executed by them.
The previous layout of the apartment included an elongated rectangle living room that ended at a large window overlooking a tree lined street. The kitchen, the bathroom and two small bedrooms were connected by a dark corridor.

The new layout transformed the corridor and merged the typical service terrace with the master bedroom to enlarge the space. The ceiling storage spaces above the corridor and the bathrooms were removed, gaining back the original generous ceiling height. By minimizing the bathroom, the kitchen space could be maximized and opened up to connect with the living space. The millwork unit acts as a partition and a living room 'facade' on one hand, and as the main multi purpose storage space of the apt on the other: kitchen cabinets, bedroom closet, supply storage as well as washer-dryer closet. Every inch was accounted for.

The diagonal layout of the millwork unit opened up the narrow rectangular public area of the apartment and diminished the tunnel-like feeling. It reaches the height of the beams exposing the structure and allowing light to travel into the center of the apartment.

The custom bookshelves were made of perforated steel sheets. They were positioned on the common wall between the apartment and the neighbors, serving as an acoustical barrier. Full height doors were custom designed & built by the architects to be flush with the walls. The Sofa - Shezlong (made from maple tree and velvet upholstery) was designed and built as well by the architects to serve the double sided living room.

Terrazzo tiles, cherry tree carpentry, stainless steel, perforated steel.


Klil Windows, Ikea stainless steel kitchen, Ytong Terrazzo tiles, YK energy (Library fabrication), Hotbath taps

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Living Room, Sofa designed by the Architects

Living Room and Kitchen

From the apartment entrance

Living room looking to the entrance. Sofa and Book shelves designed by the architects.

Stainless steel Ikea kitchen elevated by the cherry wood cabinetry

Kitchen table, Danish design from the 70s.

White washed bathroom

Detail of the custom book shelves

Custom book shelves out of perforated steel

Living room and Kitchen (and Louie the dog)

Detail of the custom book shelves

Bedroom entry with a custom door designed by the architects.

Cherry wood millwork unit as a multi purpose storage space

  • Salty Architects / Motti Rauchwerger and Hadar Menkes
  • Yael Engelhart