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Modern apartment with art deco details in Moscow



Interior Design
Interior designer Lesya Pechenkina, Simple interiors studio
Natalia Gorbunova

From Anna Maria Abara

This apartment was made for a young couple starting their life together, designed to be a cozy place to relax and recharge. The 140 m2 apartment is perfect for their active lifestyle, from watching movies in the living room, enjoying morning coffee with a view, to taking a relaxing bath. "We carefully planned every part of this apartment to make these activities enjoyable," says the lead designer Lesya Pechenkina.
The apartment is designed with separate areas for spending time together and private spaces, making it feel bigger and more open. Big windows in the main living area offer beautiful views, which we highlighted with a dining area right in the middle. "We arranged the furniture and lighting to create interesting spots in the apartment," Lesya Pechenkina says.

Even though the living room isn't very big, it's a cozy spot for friends to gather by the window. The kitchen is a great place for cooking together or just having coffee while enjoying the view outside.

The master bedroom is a peaceful spot with dark colors and a beautiful wall fresco, making it feel private and special.

The apartment mixes modern and Art Deco styles, with different textures and materials that work well together. This includes soft fabrics, metals, decorative plasters, and marbles, giving the place a stylish look. Custom-made furniture, like the light-up island and TV panel, makes the apartment unique, all controlled by a smart home system.

"This project was all about paying attention to the little things, from how the furniture looks to mixing colors and textures, to create a home that's warm, comfortable, and welcoming," confess Lesya Pechenkina.

Interior designer Lesya Pechenkina

Instagram @ lesya.pechenkina

Photo credit Natalia Gorbunova
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Style by Evgenia Poleshuk

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