200 S/F of function AND design! My husband and designed and built (by hand) a Tiny House-guest house in our backyard. Given we live a 1957 Ranch House with mid century bones, we ran with that theme for our Tiny House too. The lemon and orange tree in the yard also served as inspiration. Some fun aspects:

-we designed it on our phones when we went out to dinner sitting at the bar. (no formal plans)
-Jason built it himself with very little subcontractor help

-Jason welded the front window/door wall himself. He'd never done it before.

-the front center windows pivot

-we handmade many of elements - cast bronze door handle and drawer pulls, custom lights that mimic the windows, acrylic pocket door pull, acrylic bath niche, round concrete pavers and ceramic accent tiles, to name a few.

-the angled roof-line nestles the TH under the big shade tree, creates a low profile, but feels roomy inside

-the batten-board siding mimics the big house but we created a fun design to highlight the roofline

-we discovered that finished maple boards used for cabinetry boxes also work well on the ceiling (and are well priced!) The slight shine helps bring in more light.

-the Murphy bed folds up to create space for (yoga or whatever) but also has a flip-up desk surface.

-Jason insisted on an ice machine, arguing "all hotels have them!" He won.

-there is surprising amount of storage for clothing (something I lament in many TH's I've seen).

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