This studio apartment has spectacular views of the city. The interior space is focused on the views with copper screens providing a back drop for the living area while alluding to a space beyond.

The residential necessities, counters, storage closets and a folding bed; are treated as furniture that define the inner contours of the space. Surfaces are kept free of handles, pulls, the typical indications of domestic life. Mirrors are also strategically placed to give the illusion of a larger space. Many objects have a dual function, walls open to reveal storage space, counters pull out to extend the working surface, and every inch was counted in this gut renovation. The original apartment was a classic one bedroom with a large beam dividing the space. A “floating ceiling” covers this beam and turns down to form one wall of the glazed bathroom enclosure, stopping short of the floor.

Using the traditional techniques of copper foil and hand-carving, we developed the new folding copper panels. The space is maximized with the use of a folding bed, allowing a view from the shower out to the skyline of the city. Lighting was carefully located to reduce the glare on the windows and allow the stunning views to be visible at night as well.

Yoshihara McKee Architects uploaded Manhattan Residence through Add A Home.
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