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From Kate Turner

Founder Hannah Choi and the Mama Tress team needed a complete overhaul of their formerly traditional office space. Prime Projects delivered a warm, comfortable and flexible environment to match the company's collaborative approach. The project is defined by a tone-on-tone interior with deeply saturated color blocking and layering. To add depth and layers, they used millwork with exposed edge plywood and ripple fold drapes that create shadow and texture. The layout is thoughtfully designed to match the flexible nature of the working style. The open space flows with no obstructions, but movable partitions and various breakout nooks and lounges make room for different work styles. The lounges will pull double duty, serving as spaces for parties and think tank workshops.

Almost all of the furniture is custom. Due to their large scale and the challenge of getting things up to a 5th-floor NYC space, they opted to bring in all the raw materials and build in situ. The process allowed each finish and surface to be perfectly matched to the environment. Art from Jessica and Clark, Callum Schuster, Amorelle Jacox, and Axel Koschier adds another layer of life to the space.