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Luxury modular house "DUB"

House (Single Residence)

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From Ivan Ovchinnikov

We had a difficult task - to assemble a large luxury single-family house from the modules produced at the factory.

But first, it is important to say what the word "Modular" means to us. This is a house consisting of volumetric modules, in which all the interior decoration, electrics, plumbing, and possibly even furniture are made at the factory. Such a house is assembled in the production, delivered by trucks and installed with a crane in one day on the lot. Another 1-2 weeks are required for the final exterior finish. We have already done projects from 16 to 110 square meters, but this is the first time we have designed such a large serial modular house.

In the project, we combined the environmental friendliness of a wooden house with modern technologies. Fully wooden frame and finishing of the house combined with effective insulation, modern equipment and engineering solutions for a comfortable suburban life.

The project is designed for one family. The overall dimensions of the house are 13x17 meters. The usable area is 138 square meters, the terrace area is 50 square meters. From the modules that arrived on the road, we assembled a house with a huge bedroom, high ceilings and a spacious living room. Inside the house there is an open layout with large rooms and a connection with the natural environment due to the large amount of glazing. There is natural lighting in every room, which is important for the microclimate and the health of the owners. There are no corridors at all and the rooms flow from one to another. It is important for us to use the interior space a hundred percent.

The exterior is as neutral as possible. We believe that architecture should be delicately integrated into the natural landscape. We used simple materials and a prototype of a wooden barn in combination with large stained-glass windows. Such a house can fit harmoniously into any environment. It can be a building in a dense construction, a separate building among meadows, or a house in the woods.

The entrance to the house, like in a barn, is in the center of the central facade. In the hallway we have made a space where it will be comfortable to dress up for the theater, gather children for a walk or meet numerous friends. Due to the glass door and an additional stained-glass window, it is always light in this room. There are places for shelving on both sides of the hallway.

The buffer space between the public and the sleeping areas separates the rooms visually and reduces the noise between the bedrooms and the living room. We have located a library here, but each client can implement their own ideas.

In the living room, we wanted to make the space as high and symmetrical as possible. It is here that the main height and volume of the room created from modules and panels are visible. The living room area is 36 square meters and the ceiling height is 3.8 meters.

We pay a lot of attention to the view from the window. The camera lens through which we look at the world or the frame of the picture are always symmetrical, and we wanted to create the same in this project. So it turned out to be a symmetrical living room with a view of the terrace. The fireplace, as the main center of the living room, we also placed in front of the main view from the house.

The kitchen is made in a separate area. Maximum natural light, a work surface in front of the glass and visual communication with the living room and terrace create comfortable conditions for the owner of the house. The kitchen set can also be made at the factory and arrive at the lot already as part of the module. This is especially relevant for remote areas and those regions where it is difficult to find good craftsmen.

The engineering center of the house is a room for washing and drying machines, filters and a boiler. Some of the equipment is installed at the factory. Additional equipment can be installed on the lot. Sockets, water and sewer outlets are already provided for all additional devices. The most expensive and complex systems of the DoblDom are also located here - hidden communications, including an electrical panel and a collector group of water supply.

The master bedroom has a large bed, a storage area, a dressing room between the bedroom and the bathroom, and a separate bathroom for the owners. We paid attention to the environmental friendliness and functionality of each centimeter. So all the furniture is made on the sameproduction from wood. Large windows fill the room with light, wide window sills serve as a place for cosmetics, flowers or decorative items. The dressing room area can be used for closets, a small private lounge area, or even an office.

The veranda is like a separate world of the DublDom. On an area of 50 square meters there is an outdoor dining room, swings and outdoor sofas. The roof of the terrace is protected from the sun and rain in summer. The low winter sun, on the contrary, enters the room and heats it.

Environmental impact is the main priority of our projects. Due to modular technology, we repeatedly reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and energy consumption for creating a house. A wooden modular house is not only a pleasant smell of wood, but also the use of renewable materials, reduction of energy consumption due to production at the factory, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere due to optimization of transportation, the possibility of materials reuse when dismantling the house after many years, or the possibility of transporting the house to a new location. The foundation scheme developed by us also practically does not harm the surrounding landscape. Energy-efficient solutions in the technology and architecture of the house save energy at all stages - from production to long-term operation.