The Lobster Boat is a metaphor for a house that is economical, purposeful, and durable. Located on a dense urban shoreline site, this residence celebrates its setting while providing privacy to its family. The waterfront parcel has been incorporated into a condominium development that includes 4 detached single family residences and 2 houseboats. Residents share waterfront access, water craft, parking, utilities, and a vegetable garden. While sharing costs and responsibilities, a stronger sense of community in the city is established.

This is a new house built on an existing 24’x28’ daylight basement. The constraints of site and footprint result in an
efficient vertical house rising four floors and reaching the maximum allowable zoning envelope while providing a variety

of indoor and outdoor spaces and views of the waterfront.

The stair & bookcase wall is located on the south facing street frontage, providing filtered views into and out of the residence while allowing for solar heat gain that is controlled by shading devices and large venting windows.
Bedrooms occupy the Ground Floor, Living/Dining/Kitchen are on the Main Floor, and the Upper Floor is a Family Room

and Roof Deck. The Basement houses Utility and Laundry Rooms, Storage, and a Guest Bedroom Suite with Sauna.

Economical materials such as raw cedar, steel, and integral color cement panel siding, are intentionally honest, low maintenance, and hard working.

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Modern home with Exterior, House Building Type, Metal Siding Material, Flat RoofLine, and Wood Siding Material. Front Elevation Photo  of Lobster Boat House

Front Elevation

Modern home with Staircase, Metal Railing, and Wood Tread. Entry Stair Photo 2 of Lobster Boat House

Entry Stair

Modern home with Bedroom, Concrete Floor, Recessed Lighting, Night Stands, Medium Hardwood Floor, and Bed. Bedroom & Entry Hall Photo 3 of Lobster Boat House

Bedroom & Entry Hall

Modern home with Bath Room, Engineered Quartz Counter, Open Shower, Recessed Lighting, Concrete Floor, Concrete Wall, and Undermount Sink. Master Bathroom Photo 4 of Lobster Boat House

Master Bathroom

Modern home with Kitchen, Metal Counter, Metal Backsplashe, Range Hood, Cooktops, Range, Dishwasher, Ceiling Lighting, Wood Cabinet, Refrigerator, Undermount Sink, and Medium Hardwood Floor. Kitchen & Dining Room Photo 5 of Lobster Boat House

Kitchen & Dining Room

Modern home with Dining Room, Table, Medium Hardwood Floor, Shelves, Ceiling Lighting, Chair, and Storage. Dining & Living Room Photo 6 of Lobster Boat House

Dining & Living Room

Modern home with Living Room, Chair, Shelves, Medium Hardwood Floor, Standard Layout Fireplace, Storage, Bookcase, Ceiling Lighting, Lamps, and Gas Burning Fireplace. Living Room Photo 7 of Lobster Boat House

Living Room

Modern home with Staircase, Wood Tread, and Metal Railing. Stair & Bookcase Photo 8 of Lobster Boat House

Stair & Bookcase

Modern home with Living Room, Sofa, End Tables, Chair, Wall Lighting, Medium Hardwood Floor, and Desk. Family Room Photo 9 of Lobster Boat House

Family Room

Modern home with Outdoor, Rooftop, Trees, Horizontal Fences, Wall, Decking Patio, Porch, Deck, Wood Patio, Porch, Deck, Concrete Fences, Wall, and Flowers. Roof Deck Photo 10 of Lobster Boat House

Roof Deck

Modern home with Exterior, House Building Type, and Wood Siding Material. Building Elevation Photo 11 of Lobster Boat House

Building Elevation

Modern home with Exterior, House Building Type, and Wood Siding Material. Backyard Photo 12 of Lobster Boat House


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