The intervention is a recovery of an attic of a building in Turin whose final intention of the client is a main use for Airbnb. The project thus becomes an opportunity to create an environment that can accommodate future tenants in the best possible way and at the same time give them a moment of relaxation and peace. The building structure in reinforced concrete becomes the main project element. Close to it, a big window with spatial subdivision function beetween the sleeping area and the living room that amplifies the spaces and allows a 360-degree view of the whole house. A green volume hides the bathroom and a technical volume inside. Thanks to the wide velux and the two newly built dormer windows, the environment is enriched with a light that was previously lacking. Hybridizing the existing structure, two metal beams are inserted instead of the previous beams in reinforced concrete to increase the height from the ground and allow an easier passage. The distribution pipes of the heating further characterize the intervention moving themself freely within the volume of the house.

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Modern home with Living Room, Medium Hardwood Floor, Pendant Lighting, and Chair. Photo  of LBA
Modern home with Bedroom, Bed, Dresser, Medium Hardwood Floor, and Pendant Lighting. Photo 2 of LBA
Modern home with Bedroom, Dresser, Bed, Pendant Lighting, and Medium Hardwood Floor. Photo 3 of LBA
Modern home with Doors, Metal, and Interior. Photo 4 of LBA
Modern home with Bedroom, Lamps, Pendant Lighting, Bed, and Medium Hardwood Floor. Photo 5 of LBA
Modern home with Doors, Metal, and Interior. Photo 6 of LBA
Modern home with Shed & Studio and Living Space Room Type. Photo 7 of LBA
Photo 8 of LBA modern home
Modern home with Bath Room, Medium Hardwood Floor, Corner Shower, and Wall Mount Sink. Photo 9 of LBA


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