K Residence

Darien, Connecticut
  • Associated Fabrication
  • Darien, Connecticut
  • Type
  • Modern
  • Year
  • 2010
  • Square Feet
  • 600
  • Bedrooms
  • 1
  • Full Baths
  • 1
  • Located in Midtown Manhattan, this 600sf 1-Bedroom apartment required a re-modeling to meet the changing needs of the owners. For this young, professional couple with two small children, the existing apartment layout lacked both flexibility and personality to accommodate their life style. The strict separation between bedroom and living room had become problematic with the arrival of the children and the existing closet and storage spaces were not adequate any longer for a family of four.

    In re-thinking the organization and flow of the apartment we were confronted with one
    mayor problem: How to accommodate additional storage spaces while simultaneously opening up the apartment and making it more continuous -spatially as well as program-wise. The bathroom and closet area of the existing place created a dark bottleneck and isolated the bedroom. The family preferred to use the entire apartment during the day for a variety of activities and the bedroom as a sleeping quarter for the children. The living room therefore also needed to double as the parent’s bedroom while also being utilized for

    dining, leisure, and entertainment activities.

    Our solution to address all these issues within a strongly limited space was to introduce a multi-functional, multi-programmatic design piece, which we dubbed the “Interior Sleeve”. This element has the capacity to blend the two sides of the apartment together in an
    elegant and unobtrusive way, while also providing much needed storage room as well as visual and spatial connectivity throughout the apartment. The Interior Sleeve wraps around walls and ceiling, thickening and thinning at times, providing spatial nooks and niches

    without fixed programmatic boundaries. In addition, the space is further freed up by an open kitchen design and naturally illuminated through the addition of two new skylights.

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    Modern home with Bedroom, Bookcase, Bed, Shelves, Wall Lighting, Recessed Lighting, and Medium Hardwood Floor. View towards the bedroom Photo  of K Residence

    View towards the bedroom

    Plan View Photo 2 of K Residence modern home

    Plan View

    Modern home with Kitchen, Laminate Counter, White Cabinet, Medium Hardwood Floor, and Ceiling Lighting. View towards the kitchen Photo 3 of K Residence

    View towards the kitchen

    Modern home with Bedroom, Bookcase, Storage, Bench, Shelves, Recessed Lighting, and Wall Lighting. Shelving Detail Photo 4 of K Residence

    Shelving Detail

    Modern home with Living Room, Recessed Lighting, Medium Hardwood Floor, Bookcase, and Wall Lighting. Build-In Cabinetry Photo 5 of K Residence

    Build-In Cabinetry

    Modern home with Bath Room, Ceramic Tile Floor, Wall Mount Sink, Open Shower, Ceiling Lighting, and Stone Tile Wall. Bathroom Photo 6 of K Residence


    Modern home with Bedroom, Storage, and Wardrobe. Closets Photo 7 of K Residence


    Modern home with Living Room, Wall Lighting, Recessed Lighting, Medium Hardwood Floor, Bookcase, and Bench. Bedroom Photo 8 of K Residence


    Heater Detail Photo 9 of K Residence modern home

    Heater Detail

    Featured on Dwell cover  "Special NYC Issue" Photo 10 of K Residence modern home

    Featured on Dwell cover "Special NYC Issue"