Project posted by Sanam Samanian

Junction Shadow House


Post Architecture

From Sanam Samanian

The Junction Shadow House is a semi-detached residential dwelling that began as a mirror-image of its attached neighbour. Early in the design process, it became evident that the previous additions (front room over the porch, rear Mud Room) were structurally compromised and threatening to destabilize the original masonry structure. As a result, they were demolished, leaving the shell of the original house to work with, in the shadow of its longer neighbour. Natural light was not available from all sides, so the design focused on maximizing the light penetrating from the south, as well as moving it through the house as much as possible. The interiors are a bright white colour and the spaces are visually interconnected on all levels through a feature staircase, creating views and plays with shadows on all levels.

The front of the house was re-designed to include a large window, linking exterior and interior life. Similarly, a new rear Mudroom addition at the ground floor allows for easy access to and from the rear yard, and more importantly, access to the dog washing station in the basement. A third-floor addition was built to create an open relaxing area for the homeowners while maximizing the use of floor area and animating them with plays on light and dark. The finishes further reflect the idea of shade, with a palette of whites, blacks and greys...and occasionally a pop of colour.