Our Clients had recently purchased a lovely, early 1900’s cottage on Huron River Drive that, whilst charming, was in a partial state of disrepair, largely comprised of tiny rooms, with poor circulation routes and access to the exterior. They wanted to add a new, appropriately sized, Master Bedroom Suite, Mudroom and Kitchen, but were very concerned that the new work compliment, and sit well with the existing structure and property. Giraffe Design Build LLC worked passionately and intensively with the new homeowners to design an Addition that would meet our Client’s needs. The result is an Addition that fits seamlessly into the existing aesthetic, provides sufficient - very well built - new space for our Client’s living requirements, seamlessly blends an eclectic mix of historic elements and modern details, and creates a living space that is both comfortable and lively, suffused with an honest, understated, charm that both suits our Client’s personalities and the home’s rural roots.

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