The home is roughly 20’ wide and situated on a slender 4,000 SF lot. Working within the tight constraints we wanted to make the house feel bigger. We did this by opening it up to the exterior with sliding glass walls which allowed the trees and ventilation to enter the home and the interior spaces to slip out to the garden of the home. The concept helped utilize the side yards extending the living spaces outward to essentially live between the trees. Another feature of the home incorporates some sliding walls that permits the upstairs spaces more flexibility (not shown in the images). Initially, when interviewing my clients they were unsure if they would have another child or not, which made it a bit challenging to know if to allocate additional space, etc., so to keep it flexible, we incorporated sliding bedroom walls to break up the kids area into either 1 play room / yoga studio space with a study or slide the walls into position and transform it into 2 bedrooms with a study

When in the initial design phase of the project, we received opposition from the neighborhood stating they did not want modern in their community with petitions signed 100+ deep, which forced us to meet with the San Diego Planning Commission. After our meeting and receiving a landslide decision to proceed with the project we started construction and since completion, the house has been very well received in the neighborhood. All went well...!

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living room view

guest bathroom shower

master shower sky portal

front of home cmu block

stairs up to outdoor living

front entry

cast in place concrete grill

master closet



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