Project posted by Konkrét Stúdió

High-Class Minimalism - Terézváros



Square Feet
Full Baths


Csaba Balogh
Ágnes Deigner
Péter Sónicz
Levente Sirokai
Krisztina Ancza
Zsófia Dorbrovszky
Krisztina Ancza, Levente Sirokai

From Konkrét Stúdió

A contemporary minimalist redesign of a large high class apartment in Budapest, District VI was a long-held dream of our clients. They wanted the central unit of their home to be a living space, including a kitchen and dining room, where they could spend time together, with the rest of the rooms subordinate. It was requested that the living areas be kept to a minimal furnishing, with everything else including utility and storage in a large walk-in closet off the entrance. The existing strict L-shaped floor plan was a determining factor. It was challenging to work with, but at the same time provided a suitable room for all family members.

The generous, spacious living room space was created by merging two rooms that had previously opened off each other. This was the biggest transformation within the floor plan. The other rooms were given their final form with minimal wall movements and minor modifications, and are discreetly connected to the central space, providing a distinctive separation from private functions such as the children's rooms. The high, concealed doors mark the walls with barely visible frames and do not divide the large wall surfaces, making the space feel even more imposing, with the large kitchen at its heart, a place where family can cook together.

Large, complex built-in furniture complete the ergonomic use of space. The fold-out blocks of kitchen furniture and the central counter hide all the kitchen appliances and utensils. The playful displacement of the planes enriches the experience of space. Only what we wanted to see is in view, everything else has found a place in the furniture and the large walk-in wardrobe.

The hallway, like the living room, is generous and spacious, a hall closet, unloading bench and dressing bench. The spacious entrance hall also provides access to all the other functions, such as the master bedroom, bathroom, toilet and the aforementioned walk-in closet, which can also be a quiet study, away from the hustle.

The bathroom and toilet are also furnished in the same minimalist style as the rest of the apartment. These rooms are dominated by surfaces and materials, given their small size. The furniture is hidden behind large mirrored and tiled surfaces.

The uniformly composed spaces throughout the apartment give a contemporary look to the more than 100-year-old walls, but retain the generosity of the high-class spaces. Carefully crafted furniture and elaborate details evoke the elegance of the time.