Espinho, Aveiro, Portugal
  • Espinho, Aveiro, Portugal
  • Structure
  • House (Single Residence)
  • Type
  • Modern
  • Year
  • 2013
  • Square Feet
  • 277
  • Lot Size
  • 80
  • Bedrooms
  • 3
  • Full Baths
  • 4
  • The house is simple... it is organized in a vertical and hierarchical way. The social areas are on the inferior floors and the private areas on the superior levels. To achieve great visual amplitudes and dynamic interconnections between spaces, the interior was structured in half-floors. The width of the plot decided the stair. In fact, it became the heart of the house.
    Positioned adjacent to those spaces is a courtyard that together with the half-floor structure induces a vertical continuity, create a gentle horizontal connection. The courtyard affords a sense of depth and expansion to the spaces, allowing for all the floors from the basement to the first to be experienced as one space connected vertically and horizontally.

    It’s a minimalist house with a unique design! All interior decoration was specifically designed, from the wardrobe, dressers, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and office furniture. The predominant colors in the house are white and black creating these a unity between the spaces making it very lightweight and "clean", with the exception of the couch, specifically designed for this house.

    The house was built on a central city terrain with 80m2, were i built a house with 277 m2 (useful), an architectural achievement using half-floors! The house has three bedrooms, one dining room, one living room, one office, three exterior accessfull areas (one a complement to a bedroom, other on the dinning/kitchen level and which is made of glass and other is the rooftop where exists a swimming pool) and a two car garage with car lift.

    Planned and designed taking into account environmental concerns, Halffloors® is a unfamiliar house with Class A + energy certification.

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    Rooftop swimming pool Photo  of Halffloors modern home

    Rooftop swimming pool

    Office Photo 2 of Halffloors modern home


    Master Bedroom #2 Photo 3 of Halffloors modern home

    Master Bedroom #2

    Stairs #2 Photo 4 of Halffloors modern home

    Stairs #2

    Stairs Detail Photo 5 of Halffloors modern home

    Stairs Detail

    Master Bedroom Bathroom Photo 6 of Halffloors modern home

    Master Bedroom Bathroom

    Living Room #3 Photo 7 of Halffloors modern home

    Living Room #3

    Room +1/2 Photo 8 of Halffloors modern home

    Room +1/2

    Living Room #2 Photo 9 of Halffloors modern home

    Living Room #2

    Bedroom -1/2 Photo 10 of Halffloors modern home

    Bedroom -1/2

    Dining Room Photo 11 of Halffloors modern home

    Dining Room

    Bedroom -1/2 Photo 12 of Halffloors modern home

    Bedroom -1/2

    Kitchen (Míele) Photo 13 of Halffloors modern home

    Kitchen (Míele)

    Bathroom Room +1/2 Photo 14 of Halffloors modern home

    Bathroom Room +1/2

    Living Room #1 Photo 15 of Halffloors modern home

    Living Room #1

    Loundry Photo 16 of Halffloors modern home


    Master Bedroom Photo 17 of Halffloors modern home

    Master Bedroom

    Glass Deck Photo 19 of Halffloors modern home

    Glass Deck

    Front Facade #2 Photo 20 of Halffloors modern home

    Front Facade #2

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