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Front-row View by Five AM


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Front-row View is a minimal interior created by Belgium-based designer Five AM. Perched in the dunes overlooking the North Sea, this apartment was designed as a hideaway to make the most of the sea view. Offering a front-row view of the sea, the interior was conceived as an exercise in harmonious coexistence between interior design and landscape. The main ambition was to maximize the impact of the view while creating a variety of wide and open spaces. The apartment wraps around the kitchen centrepiece in Pastellone. The kitchen is subtly divided into two functions: the dinner table is incorporated into the cooking island, adding another layer of thoughtful minimalism. At the same time, both pieces can easily be separated. Thanks to the integrated kitchen more space is offered to the living room. Conceptually, Five AM was keen to keep the design fairly minimal and the materials simple and serene. The design studio used only two main materials: oak and Pastellone, matching the colour palette of the dunes, the beach and the sea. In the suite bathroom, Five AM used a complementary material, Corian. At the back, the apartment houses the master bedroom and the guest bedroom. Both rooms are designed around custom-made furniture. The master bedroom portrays a distinct relationship between the striking centrepiece kitchen and the custom-made bath room in Corian. The guest bedroom features a slim bunk bed and a custom-made shower in Pastellone, responding to the challenges of a weekend house. The lightning was kept simple, creating a contemplative ambience. Sunlight streams through the big windows; that’s why Five AM opted for loose fittings, adding to the unique blend of light, material and design.