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Forest House

House (Single Residence)
Family retreat in Northern California.
Family retreat in Northern California.


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Douglas Burnham
Envelope A+D

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Forest House, a project of much acclaim, recently won a 2017 design award from the San Francisco chapter of the American Institute of Architects. The novel design, developed by Envelope A+D, features three NanaWall WD66 systems.

The WD66 is our all wood framed folding glass wall. The WD66’s superior insulation and weather protection make this system the perfect accompaniment for Forest House. It performs as well as a conventional, non-operable wall, but the reality of its operability only serves to further enhance the overall design of Forest House.

As a series of small, one-room cabins, Forest House is made to feel infinitely more spacious by having the additional flexibility afforded to it by a NanaWall system. Upon operation, the WD66 can glide off into a corner, expanding the room to which it is attached by opening it entirely to the outside.

Even closed, the systems glass panels let in an abundance of light, rewarding the observer a view so panoramic that it begs one to question whether they are indoors or out.

Although it is often mistakenly assumed that our systems can only be installed in broader openings, Forest House perfectly disproves this assertion; its smallest NanaWall system has only 3 panels which makes it a perfect accompaniment to a Not so Wide® space.