Apartment renovation in Tannay I, Vaud (VD) Switzerland

Client: Private
Location: Tannay

Status: Built

Date 2016-2017

Photography Think Utopia

A simple intervention, the means with which we staged the dialogue between two volumes are elemental: geometry, spatial proportions, the distribution of light and the choice of materials. Seeking simplicity and understanding the elements and the idea behind the project in a very direct way. Creating a timeless atmosphere adapted to everyone and everything. This is what our architecture is all about , composition understood as an interaction of elements or parts that constitute a unit in perfect balance. A whole that has been sculpted and not made up of different parts, which speaks of our approach to architecture as a sculpture . Then we achieve harmony, when the human being is able to recognize those composition tools as a unit making his own our space.

The main idea was to redistribute the existing space through a minimal intervention that unifies and transforms the space into a coherent, formal whole. The project proposes the introduction of two blocks that articulate and define open but clearly differentiated spaces. These are set in two directions that mark two spatial relations. The first closes the kitchen to the living room and creates a connection with the dining room while the second delimits the living room by separating an entrance hall. These two volumes in plaster are treated with a sculptural character and emerge exempt from the ground. This allows light diffusion as well as a visual continuity in a fluid space that is not partitioned. Sober materials and the white color of the walls and carpentry elements are contrasted with an oak floor which is thus highlighted. The kitchen is fully integrated on mate lacquered wood doors and concrete tiles. The worktop and the credence are in marble effect quartz of carrare.

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Modern home with Living Room, Light Hardwood Floor, Wall Lighting, and Console Tables. Photo  of FLATWHITE
Modern home with Living Room, Wall Lighting, Pendant Lighting, Bookcase, Console Tables, Light Hardwood Floor, and Chair. Photo 2 of FLATWHITE
Modern home with Dining Room, Chair, Concrete Floor, Table, and Track Lighting. Photo 3 of FLATWHITE
Modern home with Kitchen, Concrete Floor, Tile Counter, Concrete Counter, Engineered Quartz Counter, and White Cabinet. Photo 4 of FLATWHITE
Modern home with Kitchen, Concrete Floor, Engineered Quartz Counter, Ceiling Lighting, Track Lighting, Ceramic Tile Floor, and White Cabinet. Photo 5 of FLATWHITE
Modern home with Living Room. Photo 6 of FLATWHITE
Modern home with Living Room, Wall Lighting, Light Hardwood Floor, Sofa, and Console Tables. Photo 7 of FLATWHITE
Photo 8 of FLATWHITE modern home
Modern home with Kids Room, Storage, and Bedroom Room Type. Photo 9 of FLATWHITE
Modern home with Kids Room. Photo 10 of FLATWHITE
Modern home with Light Hardwood Floor. Photo 11 of FLATWHITE
Modern home with Light Hardwood Floor. Photo 12 of FLATWHITE
Photo 13 of FLATWHITE modern home


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