From SHATOTTO architecture for green living

Dhaka is one of the most densely populated city in the world, where tranquility and green is the desire in common becoming very uncommon day by day. So, first and foremost, during the site visit the exploration of every possible issue in terms of context, climate and culture have been done.

Facing South with a "T" junction road created the opportunity of constant summer wind and winter inclined sunlight along with distant view of trees. Simultaneously borrowing the bust green tree view of the adjacent bus depot on the North along with layered painting within the house made this architecture a green patch within and without. Eventually carrying the nostalgic memory of Abbe Laugier understanding of architecture is an outcome of natural act.

Since the area seats very close to Dhaka international airport, there is a height limitation given 13m, which generated this idea of going below ground level in order to accommodate the functional requirement of the living area, audio visual room, sports and reading accommodated by our coming the challenge of entering the natural light as much as possible and needed.

As the house goes up, it started revealing towards nature more and more. Layered green, lawns with intertwined planting along with water body makes the house untamed and tropical.

Considering the sustainability in terms of climate and earthquake, reinforced expose concrete shear walls and columns have been used, where structural system turns into architecture intervening with the nature.

Commendation, Berger Excellence in Architecture 2017
Winner, AD50, The most Influential Names in Architecture 2017