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Desert Residence


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For seventeen years home has been a design platform that allows us to take risks, make changes, experiment, play, and consider architecture as living and evolving, rather than as a static product. We were drawn to the half-acre lot, as it is set in a desert neighborhood with a seasonally active wash along the back, yet is within walking distance of restaurants, markets, and school. The low-slung roof pitch responds to the mid-century houses on the street and the desert trees and creosote continue the palette of the neighboring properties. The evolving relationships of our family of two, then three, then four has informed the evolution of home, and influences the work we do for others. The “H-shaped” floor plan provides separation of kids’ rooms, master suite, guest suite, and what is now a music room, while the open living space in the middle brings everyone together. Taking advantage of elevation changes on what was a gently sloping lot, the sharp terracing defines the various outdoor spaces- courtyards, raised gardens, food garden, bocce court, and recently a skateboard bowl.