This home is built using mnmMOD the revolutionary building system.
It is a panelized building system that introduces the economy and waste-reduction of pre-fab. As it yields ‘net-zero’ efficiency, it also allows for a reduction of manpower during construction. Builders also benefit from rapid construction that replaces standard wood frame building techniques.

The building system allows us to build a healthy environment for the modern builder. A home with no mold, no termites, no waste on site nor in factory a building made out of recycled material and can by recyclable a cradle to cradle building. Thermal broken for high energy efficiency makes the building a better choice and lowers the cost of running it

Minarc focuses on sustainability, color, and space. A conscious effort in using only materials in their most organic form- no tile, no carpet and recycled material where possible. The recycled rubber sink and cladding on the juice bar cabinets
Design elements are oriented to take optimum advantage of natural light and cross ventilation, with a maximum respect for privacy.

while there is a maximum use of natural light to cut down the electrical cost.

One feature where natural ventilation comes into play is with the interior/exterior courtyards and the master and living room sliders. Sustainable heating is also introduced through radiant floor heating and domestic water heating throughout the house.
The design and use of color is inspired by the Icelandic dramatic landscapes to create contrasting stimulating interiors. The orange (volcanic) creates a multi-functional gathering point in the heart of the house. The swimming pool has a blue lagoon color and the cabinets are the colors of glaciers and lava.

The upstairs bookshelf functions as railings/barriers between floor plans and evocates the glaciers by using white sylestone and panelite.
Our responsibility as designers is to create a functional, well-defined, and inhabitable space with solutions for the modern world.

The heated patio and fireplace for the outdoor dining maximizes indoor/outdoor living while the river rocks in the exterior courtyard provide for a soothing ambiance.

Furthermore, floor material is connected in an unobtrusive and whimsical manner to increase the flow and space of the home. To maximize the use of space, the “disappearing” kitchen chairs are easily stored under the island. The console behind the master bed provides storage

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Dawnsknoll’s exterior sidings are cement panels and Resysta wood. The house’s front gate and garage are made from recycled wood.

An outdoor swing bed makes the most of sunny, Santa Monica weather.

Colors from dramatic, Icelandic landscapes inspired the contrasting interiors. Volcanic orange creates a multifunctional gathering point at the heart of the home while the swimming pool brings in a lagoon hue; the cabinets recall glaciers and lava. In the kitchen, "disappearing" chairs are stored under the island to maximize space.

Dawnsknoll optimizes the capture of natural light and cross ventilation, keeping down electrical costs. Interior/exterior courtyards, as well as the master and living room sliders, help circulate breezes. Sustainable heating is also introduced through radiant floor heating and domestic water heating throughout the house.

Living Moss wall in powder room created by Minarc.

This prefabricated home in California sought to minimize waste in everything from the construction process to the appliances and fixtures inside. The sink in the powder room is made from recycled tires.

A pull-out console provides smart storage in the headboard.


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