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Cozzo Coniglio


Rental for 12 Guests

$400 / night
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Master bedroom
Master bedroom
Double bedroom
Double bedroom
Double bedroom
Double bedroom
Double/ Twin bedroom
Double/ Twin bedroom
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Twin bedroom

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Square Feet
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4.6 hectars
Full Baths
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MAI studio
Alberto Ferrero

From martina meluzzi

The house is set on the top of a hill facing the Mediterranean Sea. Immersed in the charming Sicilian farmland, the house gently fits into the landscape adjusting to the levels of the site and matching its colours.

From the distance it looks like a cluster of simple volumes emerging from an almond grove that resemble the local traditional farming constructions.
The design drivers for the project were:

- The views, as generators of geometry
- The courtyard – as an element of tradition and as heart of the living space

- The colours - matching nature on the outside and bright and exciting indoor.

The house is made of 4 volumes, 3 of which are connected by towers that have the pivotal function of linking the indoor to the outdoor visually, functionally and environmentally. Each volume has a clear identity, enhanced by the glass see-through gaps between each other.

Internally, the rooms – and the views - line up in a sequence of spaces and colours creating dynamism and harmony.

The living spaces form part of the courtyard and are connected to it by big openings. The bedrooms face outwards, for maximum privacy and enjoyment of the views.

The towers - inspired by the middle eastern wind catchers, capture the fresh breeze (typical of this area) at the top and shift it into the courtyard or into the rooms, depending on the use of the doors and shutters.