Designed and built in Chilmark, Massachusetts, the Chilmark House project
covers almost five acres of previously unbuilt land in the heart of the farming

and artistic community that is “Up-Island” Martha’s Vineyard. Architectural work

was done in collaboration with Gray Organschi Architects out of New Haven,


Based on a shared love of the dense aggregation of New England’s farm
complexes, we sited the studio and the house barns tightly together, creating

a charged outdoor space between them, which provides the approach to the

house’s entrance. The ceilings in the public rooms lift to the high ridges, with

dropped areas to create a sleeping loft high in the roof. The lower level consists

of a series of bedrooms with shared spaces between that look into light wells,

landscaped with local rocks and moss. We designed and built many of the

freestanding furniture pieces specifically for this project and enlisted great

designers and long time collaborators.

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Schiller Projects designed and built many of the Chilmark House's freestanding furniture pieces. In the living area, the family dog reclines on an upholstered bench.

The woodwork in the Chilmark House dining room is especially stunning; Schiller Projects designed, built, and collaborated on many of the freestanding furniture pieces in the house

Elevation looking out over the sheepfold. The cantilevered living room extends over an outdoor fireplace and sitting area, and the smokestack extends through.