Central Ninth Mixed Use Development


From Sparano + Mooney Architecture

This project was designed to enhance the emerging vibrancy of the Central Ninth neighborhood and contribute to the future development of this district as one of the most desirable urban zones in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The mixed use project incorporates housing and restaurant / retail space and includes the concept of a public art element that is fully integral with the architecture. The form and materials create a rich and memorable complement to the building that can be experienced by residents and visitors alike. The art connects to a public space with integrated seating, linked directly to the outdoor dining areas of the restaurant. The internal courtyard was designed to offer a secure, flexible outdoor space for use by the residents of the housing units. It provides an open green space between buildings with native landscape and access to daylight. This courtyard connects directly to the residential flex-space and patio, which includes amenities such as a kitchen, seating area, and gas fire feature. With an open circulation, the courtyard allows for visible movement and interaction between residents.