Casket (St. Petersburg)
Omnia-studio project


Instagram: @omniastudio


Architect and interior designer: Anna Ivanova

Photographer: Ivan Sorokin

Stylist-decorator: Margarita Merezhnyuk

End of construction: March 2020

Area: 46 m2

Eclecticism in an apartment of 46 m2 is possible.

Customers saw our previous project in AD magazine and it really liked them.
The published project right away sunk into their souls and they understood, that found a studio, which will realize their interior. Our customers are family with two children from Moscow. They often come to work or spend time on weekends in St. Petersburg.

We immediately understood, that us were lucky with the customers, because they have a sense of taste and artistic vision. They wanted that architecture of the house to match the interior of apartment. When designing, we kept in mind that the apartment is in a new building, but in the historical center of the city, combining a modern approach to design and a classic style in architecture.
The main difficulty was placing on a 46m2 separate entrance hall, bedroom for parents, kitchen, living room, childrens room, bathroom and storage places.

We completed with this task and now, when viewing visualizations, it seems to everyone that the apartment is at least 70 m2. It was the competent zoning of space that helped create the feeling of an increase in space.

(When we begin to list all the premises, their composition and quantity seems unrealistic.)
We tried to reflect the individuality of customers in this interior: they wanted more unusual details and this inspired us to create pieces of furniture according to individual design, non-standard solutions, shades of brass. Although initially the style was supposed to be closer to Scandinavian. Soon, customers began to call this project “casket”, “jewelry box”. And a lot of jewelry:

· Nursery, cabinet facades and kitchen were completely designed according to our sketches.

· Entrance tile in deep green from Indian marble.

· Retractable partitions with imitation of brass, they neatly added art deco notes to the interior.

· The design of window sills turning into slats that cover radiators.

· An interesting combination of fixtures, which at first glance do not combine with each other, but in reality complement the image of everything.

The most important approval for us was the reaction of childrens to the double-decker bed. T3
hey immediately climbed up to the second floor and began to consider touching and playing with enthusiasm. These actions are the best praise for our children's project.

Factories used in the interior:


Mirrors and a cabinet - furniture to order Granzeo company

Flooring- Marble Indian Green

Staircase-stand design gallery Bulthaup

Kitchen-living room:

Kitchen - furniture to order Granzeo company

Table - production to order

Chairs SERIES 7 Fritz Hansen (Bulthaup Design Gallery)

Vases Bulthaup Design Gallery

Vases Ceramics Workshop

Partitions - custom-made Raumplus

Bed - production to order

Case - furniture to order Granzeo company

Bed linen Dantone home

Curbstone and case - furniture to order Granzeo company

Floor lamp

Upper light

Bulthaup Design Gallery

Dantone home

Pottery workshop Gunga.sasha

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