The project is a private commission to make a multi-family building where three siblings public areas, from the basement to the roof, become very important when daily meeting points between the inhabitants. good lighting and quality of these spaces using materials such as stone and wood of iroko and lighting from above is achieved.
Being a new building on a corner, flight lengths permitted by planning to form a protruding volume in that corner with large holes piercing in both facades where the rooms are located, getting the best sun exposure and views prey.

The facades are lined with brick face, chosen for their environmental, aesthetic and maintenance qualities. Being the building in an urban fabric low altitude where the streets are not particularly wide, you choose to include in the factory vibrations / shadow lines / recesses, with which it gives a feeling of heaviness and the vertical scale is low of the building. These lines follow a regular pattern in the white brick along locksmith ground floor, making the building basement. In areas with gray brick this plot becomes irregular breaking the vertical scale, giving movement to the facade and emphasizing the corner. On the roof it regains the regularity of the plot locksmith that crowns the building and gives privacy to this area.

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Interior Design
  • House (Multi Residence)
  • Style
  • Modern
  • Year
  • 2012