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Casa Paracaima is a private residence located in México City, completed in 2008. The 360m2 house consists of two concrete volumes.

The site is 400m2 and has a number of restrictions on the sides and the front. We used these restrictions to give shape to the house always searching for the maximum amount of open areas and good orientation. This gave us a project that consists of two intersecting volumes: the first volume consists of a large, structural, concrete arch, 25 cm thick by 7.5 m wide, which carries the second volume. This first volume contains the main open area with an open terrace and the roof covering at 7.5 m high on one side, and the other side holds the library.

The wood used to pour the concrete was used again for some of the woodwork inside the house, such as the doors. The second volume, in contrast with the big arch, is considerably more closed and contains all the private areas of the house.