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Casa Linder

House (Single Residence)


Square Feet


Landscape Design
Aqua Terra Outdoors
Constructive GC
James F Wilson

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Casa Linder is a 3,700 square foot single-family residence located in a well-established East Dallas neighborhood. Informed by the owner’s fondness for reclaimed materials, and inspired by the vernacular architecture of the historic Texas Blackland Prairie homestead, Casa Linder embraces the architectural heritage of the earliest Dallas settlers by blending the simple forms and materials of the original prairie dwellings with contemporary planning and crisp detailing.

The construction methods and materials for the building are simple and efficient. The roof and exterior walls are clad in recycled, corrugated steel panels intended to patina to a rusty, weathered finish. At each of the gabled south and north elevations, the walls are clad in reclaimed snow fencing planks. The exterior flashing details are tailored and precise. A gabion wall provides privacy to the pool area and gives texture to the composition of the front elevation. The interior finishes are modest and neutral throughout.

The long, narrow site is oriented on a perfect north-south axis and measures 50 feet in width and 220 feet in length. The one-story residence is placed on the west side of the property to provide a large outdoor space to the east. A four foot gridded geometry is used in plan and elevation to guide proportions and create ordered spaces.

The organization of the plan is conceived as a series of individual “buildings” linked together by a continuous hallway. This linear configuration of spaces allows the building to stretch all the way from the front porch to the garage, an important convenience expressed in the owners’ program. Outdoor patios are integrated into the plan to separate building functions and create usable outdoor spaces animated by natural light.

At the southern front door entry the patio is created as an indentation in the front facade and provides a covered porch to welcome guests and engage with the neighborhood, another specific request noted in the project program.