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Casa LC is an obvious space, an unfolded domestic setting whose content reflects the client’s desire for a home. Three simple architectural interventions encompass the rhythm of the internal spaces and celebrate a series of basic moments.

The project started with the demolition of the unnecessary stratified alterations, rectifying walls and surfaces. Casa LC is split in two parts; one public, composed by the living space, the kitchen and a more intimate room, and a private area with the bedroom and the toilet. There is no physical separation between the areas, and only a white wall frame defines the scope of each space.
The living room features a recessed wall with a concrete textured surface, a tactile material that looks elegant and rough at the same time. Right in front of this area, a wall painted with indigo colour, establishes a mute relationship with the view of the sea outside. Both wall treatments highlight a different usage of the pertinent space. The remaining vertical surfaces are left white and neutral, apart from the kitchen where an insertion of cementine tiles adheres to both the walls and the floor.

A continuous solid wood floor brings the whole house together. Its desaturated and natural texture echoes the grey texture of the concrete wall, and creates an appropriate contrast with the other surfaces.

The vestibule is characterised by a bespoke modular bookcase built with 3mm steel sheets joined together. This furniture breaks the continuity of the wall and helps defining a welcoming space.

The aim of the CASA LC is to maintain the house as much open as possible, but at the same time characterise each space independently, with a composed and peculiar allure.