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Cape Cod Home With Modern Flare


Interior Design
Kimberlee Marie Interiors

From Angelica Angeli

When clients are creative and passionate about their vision for their home, it becomes an exhilarating experience for the designer. One such example is this gorgeous home in Seattle beautifully designed by Kimberlee Marie Interiors. The simple, clean-lined silhouette of this Cape Cod-style transitional farmhouse, set in the neighborhood of Wedgwood, got a stunning refresh infused with design details that created an incredibly functional and aesthetically pleasing home that incorporates the homeowners' love for colors, patterns, and modern flare. Kimberlee carefully balances traditional elements with contemporary designs, creating a rustic, modern, and colorful home that looks and feels comfortable and sophisticated.

The living room is a cozy, inviting space with comfortable furniture and soft furnishings, making it a perfect place to entertain family and friends. The fireplace was given a fresh update with patterned tiles, retaining its old-world character. Kimberlee added accent chairs and bright cushions to create a cheerful pop against the neutral palette. The navy blue patterns on the area rug complement the blue decor accents throughout the space, while the rust and mustard features reflect the beauty of the fall season. Oversized lamps, plants, and stylish decor create a cohesive ambiance.

Kimberlee used the client's love for colors and patterned tiles to design spaces to give them a bold, attractive appeal. In the bathroom, for example, the designer chose a dark grey accent color for the vanity wall, which works wonders with the brass fixtures, large mirrors, and the white twin basins. A gorgeous tub and shower with marble tiles balance the bold color choices. A large window providing natural light and decorated with plants creates a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom.

The bedroom is a soothing haven of relaxation with soft, muted tones that create a calm, collected private space for the clients. Soft furnishings, elegant light fixtures, and a large natural wood bed and side tables create a cozy, welcoming environment in the bedroom.

Kimberlee extends the client's love for colors in the kitchen by painting the island a beautiful shade of dark green, which, paired with stylish white countertops, creates a balanced, cheerful Christmassy vibe! With plenty of workspaces, built-ins, storage, and seating, Kimberlee ensures this client has the perfect open-concept kitchen where she can simultaneously cook, keep tabs on her kids, and entertain.

The home office, which also doubles as a command center for the household, is designed as a soothing corner to encourage productivity with a pleasing shade of teal, patterned wallpaper, and elegant decor. The gold accents in the wallpaper nicely complement the gold hardware. Thoughtfully planned to incorporate natural light, this space is guaranteed to create positive vibes while working or simply catching up on some reading.

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