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Javier Espinoza
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Calicanto House was an exercise in reinterpreting a single‐family home within a gated community in Mexico, based on the opportunity to change the usual restrictions requested in this model of urbanization, normally in front and back of the private plots. In this case, negotiations were held with the municipal authorities to remove the rear restriction, bringing the construction to the boundary of the land. As a result, a large central courtyard was generated, which is the articulating element of the project.

The views of the living spaces were immersed to the central courtyard, which is the area of greatest coexistence for the inhabitants due to the excellent tropical climate of Nuevo Vallarta, Jalisco that encourages you to sunbathe and enjoy the pool every month of the year.

The dwelling provides a stereotomic aspect on the outside and tectonic aspect on the inside, being the patio a transition between both of them. As well as a visual and auditive connector with the rest of the development due to its location adjacent to the street. The lattice that divides them inspires the permanence of the users and attracts views from the neighbours.

The simplicity of the project seeks to be its greatest strength, keeping in mind to do more with less.

Since it is a holiday home, few materials and colors were used to motivate the enjoyment of the architectural spaces, but also to generate lower maintenance costs. Another strategy is that the wet areas are located within a single axis, making it easy to execute.

This project reviews the basic concepts of housing and especially the importance of rethinking the guidelines established for construction in Mexico, which in many cases are not ideal for obtaining the best results.