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Interior Design Project: Selina Kazazoglu Interior & Product Design

Location: Bornova, İzmir, Turkey

Project Date: 2015

Construction Date: 2016

Total Construction Area: 280 m²

Photographs: Kadir Aşnaz

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The penthouse situated on one of the highest places in İzmir has one of the best views in the city. The concept of the flat is a combination of a city home, office, party area and even a comfy hotel concept at times. The flat represents the style of tranquillity of Wabi-Sabi combined with the fresh style of Scandinavia. Some rooms had to be combined for more convenient usage of space. The whole flat is 280sqm.

The resident used to be race cars and loves to DJ as a part time hobby. Because of this he wanted the top floor to be arranged as a party area. As the sun sets the view is filled with the incredible light of the city which makes it an even better place for clubbing. A fireplace, kitchen, dining area and a relaxing corner unit are featured in the glazed area of the floor and there is a turntable for DJing and a bedroom separated by curtains together with a bathroom as a part of the closed area of the top floor.

The concept was inspired by Wabi-Sabi style which was then combined with the lines of Scandinavian interior style and put together by Selina Kazazoglu who added a touch of her own style to coordinate the look. Wabi-Sabi is a style which is explained as the beauty of flaws and is accepted to be very different to what the world is accepting as standard beauty. It is thought to be the beauty time leaves on objects and humans. It represents the beauty which is there even through imperfection. It represents “the less”, which is still enough for a prosperous life style. You can feel the relaxing and simple look in the colours chosen throughout the design. Minimising the need for accessories and keeping the look simple and fresh is the main feature of the flat. White and pale colours with minimalist appeal combined with functional details represent the Scandinavian style. Adding an industrial touch with copper and brass objects used to create a contrast to the warm and tranquil look. Selina Kazazoglu was able to combine the styles and create a combination of styles throughout the areas. Every space is represented with different textures such as concrete, ceramic tiles, brick, natural stone and sometimes just a lick of paint or even wallpaper is combined with the three styles she was inspired by.



The height of the ceiling of the mezzanine floor was well presented and balanced with the two materials used on each floor. Tom Dixon lamps hanging from the ceiling, custom made library, the tv unit and the coffee table represent the masculine style of the interior. Mudo Concept, Crate and Barrel and Step carpet company are the brands used for the accessories.

Here, a custom made, marble dining table was combined with rustic chairs and linear lights. The gallery was extended with a high, mirror.


The guest bedroom situated on the ground floor was furnished with custom made furniture to fit the bedroom suites concept. The copper “sweet dreams” ornament was custom built and fitted according to the design. Curtains from Degrape, wallpaper and parquet from Massive and accessories from Mudo was chosen by the designer to suit the concept.

The slogan “you have done enough today” was chosen for the client as an inspirational message to powder whilst drifting of to sleep each night. Custom designed walk in closet conforms to the tranquil atmosphere created throughout the penthouse and the metal cupboard doors represent the masculinity of the concept.


The work station is situated on the mezzanine floor overlooking the view and the lounge area. It was planned to be used for short time work or email checking. The furniture was custom designed.

The cast iron fire heater on the terrace was used in the design to create a warm and cosy cosy corner with leather bean bags and real cow hide complimenting the concept.


The seating unit was planned as two L shaped built in units, separated by a brick parapet wall, allowing spectacular views of the city to be enjoyed whilst relaxing.

The terrace kitchen was designed as open plan and is to be used for preparation and cocktails. The counters were covered with a concrete based sealant imported by Adnanlar. The appliances were chosen from SMeg.

The designer ceramic panel consists of 4 parts of ceramic tiles. Bathroom taps were chosen from Likya yapı and the floor tiles from Adnanlar.