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Beachy Beige Rules at an Apartment Building in Tulum

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From Alexander Landsberg

Soft colors and natural materials keep things serene inside the seven-unit complex.

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“Altar Tulum is a residental Project with in total 7 Apartments (a total of 1200 m2), located in a secluded corner plot (600m2)in a bohemian Neighborhood in Tulum (la Veleta). There are 4 units with 1 or 2 bedrooms on the groundfloor and 3 large Penthouses with 2 or 3 bedrooms all 3 stories. Its finished in November 2021 and build, designed and developed by Terreo Studio. Its all about clean spaces, warm and natural materials and lots of natural light. The idea as always in our Projects is to break with common standards, dont make the building look like a Apartment complex, create a Building what is not recognizable. So it stays a mystery from the outside on what this Building is.

We got a lot of inspiration in Greece where we had a trip in 2019 and wanted to express some of style and build here in Tulum as we have this beautiful white stone and all the natural materials. Everything is open and large, its allow you to have a unique Lifestyle.

All Apartments are having a very generous floorpans with large outdoor areas and pools. Every space feels like a house and is very private, all pools are private.

The inside is done with Mexican marble on the floors and white chucum finish in ceilings and walls, we added local wood for doors and kitchens and handmade steel windows in the whole building. On the outside we work with the local white stone, most of the finishes, furniture and decorations are from the Area or Mexico.

The building features beautiful clean bathrooms, drinkable water from the tabs and waterfalls. 6 from the 7 Apartments are available to rent. The building was available in Presale and every Apartment belongs to a different owner, they are from the US, England, Germany and Mexico.”