The project located at Bakırköy, a district with high population density, has been designed with the intention to build a contemporary and mixed-use structure in the place of five blocks designed in the form of an estate within the scope of urban transformation. Thanks to its rectangular location extending on east-west direction, it overlooks to the sea at high elevations. By transforming the sports area located on the west side to green space, the project will have an additional focus. In consideration with the general structure of the avenue where the building is located, its ground floor has been allocated for commercial use and its entrance has been planned through the ancillary road. The platform which consists of businesses serve as an elevated garden for the residential blocks. The residentials can be customized thanks to the flexible plan and facade solutions. The roof of the structure has been planned as swimming pool and common area. The underground floors serve as car park and warehouses for the businesses. The south side view of the existing building has been preserved in order to allow continuation of the users' habits. The gardens on the floors have been designed with the purpose of extending the green tissue to the upper floors.

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