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New York, New York
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    This complete transformation of a prewar apartment is for a busy family of art collectors. The first time I walked into the apartment, I said, I know you have more art than you are showing here. It was true, they had paintings so large that there were no walls big enough to hang them, yet they wanted a more open plan home. I fulfilled this need by simultaneously opening the apartment up and re-configuring the layout to accommodate larger artworks. Between the two major living spaces I created large sliding walls where there largest paintings could be showcased. The flooring is set on a 45 degree angle to set itself free of its compartmentalized past and accentuate the open and loose new layout. Bathrooms and kitchen are detailed in deep colors and textures and the rest of the apartment is more mellow, allowing the artwork and the client's personality to stand more prominently.  

    Sliding art wall with a walnut surround.

    Photo Courtesy of Andrew Mikhael Architect

    Textured blue concrete and marble shower

    Photo Courtesy of Andrew Mikhael Architect

    Yellow, white, walnut kitchen

    Photo Courtesy of Andrew Mikhael Architect
    Photo Courtesy of Andrew Mikhael Architect
    Photo Courtesy of Andrew Mikhael Architect
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    Andrew Mikhael Architect
    Andrew believes in the power of relationships. The success of every architectural project comes down to relationships. The relationship of one space to another, of one material to another, and most importantly, the relationships between people. Andrew is focused first on building a positive and creative foundation with clients. From there, we can do anything.
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