A–PLACE to stay in Warsaw. For a while now we’ve been meaning to take the Thisispaper experience from digital to reality. We created a space where our values take a tangible form, available to everyone that chooses to make Warsaw a stop in their journey.

A–PLACE is an apartment for rent, located in the heart of the historic Praga district—a
forgotten gem on Vistula’s left bank, with rich but well-hidden history. The apartment is

a part of the housing estate newly created in the post-industrial facilities of the Koneser vodka distillery dating back to the XIX century.

In the heart of Praga lie the premises of the long defunct vodka distillery Koneser, which,
over the course of several years, has been turned from deserted industrial grounds to

a lively campus including housing, office buildings, a hotel and the Vodka Museum. The

ongoing restoration is scheduled for completion in 2018.

As Thisispaper Studio, we design online and physical environments for ourselves and our
clients, but A—PLACE is our first time designing a liveable space. The idea to create a

home for visitors in Warsaw has always been with us, but has taken a long while to mature.

When it came to execution, again we took our time. Our intention was to cherish

both the process and its final effect; to emphasise and perfect every detail of the space

in order to bring out everything it has to offer.

Furnishing the apartment was at once the most exciting and challenging part. To recreate
the ambience of Warsaw, where its recent past intertwines daily with novelty and

progress, we combined authentic vintage furniture with pieces designed by contemporary

designers whose work we follow and admire. Regardless of their provenance, what

the pieces always have in common is modesty and restriction, idée fixe of the design

ethos that has guided Thisispaper from the start.

List of artists and designers featured in A—PLACE: Dieter Rams, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec,
Naoto Fukasawa, Ole Wanscher, Nao Tamura, Arne Jacobsen, Kenya Hara, Louis

Poulsen, Shigeichiro Takeuchi, Kay Bojasen, Eike König HORT, Scholten & Baijings, Tsuji

Kanaami, New Tendency, Ryosuke Uehara & Yoshie Watanabe, Richard Sapper and more.

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Kitchen cabinet | closed version

Kitchen cabinet | open version

View from the corridor

View from the living room

Senator Sofa by Ole Wanscher | view from the living room

Oyster Stool by Geckeler Michels | view from the bedroom

Meta Side Table by New Tendency | view from bedroom

Meta Side Table by New Tendency | Hat lamp by Louis Poulsen | view from bedroom

Tatami mat

Steel Desk by Thisispaper Studio

Wardrobe detail

Braun SK5 by Dieter Rams

Oyster Stool by Geckeler Michels

Swing bin by Moheim

View from the bathroom

Detail of Pico Tiles by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Mutina Ceramic


Custom-made sink | bathroom

Detail of Pico Tiles by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Mutina Ceramic

Sasso Serving Tray by Nao Tamura

Interior Design
  • 2017
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  • 43
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