Minimalism on Vasilyevsky Island in the city of St. Petersburg
Omnia Studio Project

Architect and interior designer Anna Ivanova

Photographer Ivan Sorokin

Stylist-decorator Margarita Merezhnyuk

Furniture selection Vladimir Fefelov

Florist Katya Redko and KDRF Studio

Video Production Sergey Moiseev

End of construction: spring-summer 2018

Area: 72 m2

From colonial style to minimalism in everything!

Customers moved from Moscow to St. Petersburg. And they bought the apartment in the house, where they rented before, but several floors below.
Customers found us through our realtor friend whom they contacted. Realtor called our studio and said that these are your customers in spirit, and you will understand each other perfectly and she turned out to be right.

After meeting, we began work on the style of the interior. Having made a selection of references, we noted for ourselves one iconic concept, which, as it turned out at a meeting with customers, for them it was also significant. After that, we realized that we would be doing this project with great pleasure, as for ourselves, because we have very similar tastes and ideas about space, lifestyle, and attitude to the world. It was also nice that customers with a good sense of taste, style, and prefer only the best factories.

The most interesting thing is that the customers are minimalists in their character, any decisions proposed by us were made, but were simplified by the customers themselves to a minimum and we, as designers, were just delighted with this and somehow learned this laconicism.

As a result, there was really nothing superfluous in the interior - all the details were minimized and were supplemented with only some of decorative elements.

The interior used a lot of bold, innovative solutions:

One of the main conditions of the project was a large refrigerator, as the customer loves to cook for family and friends. But he did not fit in the kitchen, nevertheless, he wanted an island that would be a place of attraction for friends, who very often come to hospitable hosts. This refrigerator found a place by the window. To prevent it from looking accidentally, we decided to make shelves over it and were puzzled how to implement this decision, as customers wanted to make maximum use of Italian furniture and storage systems. But the solution was found - using the inside of the Rimadesia wardrobe. The solution we found was to make the internal Rimadesia closet system above the refrigerator as if it were shelves. And since this storage system is for use inside the cabinet, we decided that it looks very good outside, as if it were specially made shelves.

The lamp above the table-a lamp above a table with a diameter of 92 cm. Customers have long doubted that the lamp is very large for this place. But we insisted that it was this lamp that should hang above the table and took responsibility for this purchase.

When it was brought and installed it immediately became clear that he was in his place. The lamp perfectly fulfills its accent role in the interior. Both customers and guests are delighted with him.

Stucco in the bathroom.

At the construction stage, our studio proposed a bold solution, to abandon the tiles and use plaster on the walls. Such a solution is rarely used in interiors, mainly due to fear that the material is not very practical. But our customers were open to experimentation, and it turned out to be a bathroom, the walls of which are completely plastered with a coating that imitates concrete, and for practicality a special water-repellent varnish was used.

Also, in the bathroom, we made a teak screen, since this tree is not susceptible to moisture, especially when it is correctly processed, but a cupboard with a sink, which was the color of a dark wood, but came with a sink, had already been bought. We turned to furniture manufacturers, and they made exactly the same cabinet under the sink, only completely from solid teak.

The entire entrance hall, kitchen and living room area, as well as the rest of the premises, everything except the bathroom and balcony, are laid out with Karchs parquet board.

At the moment, the apartment is being settled in by customers, they are hosting guests, many are coming and are amazed at the cleanliness and conciseness of the resulting space, customers already have friends who have contacted us, only for one - “we also want such a laconic interior”.

Factories used in the interior:


Mirror Poliform Sara

Doors Rimadesio Link

Kitchen-living room:

Bulthaup B1 kitchen with island

Sofa Flexform Lario

Coffee tables B&B Italia Pathos

Dining table Poliform Anna

Dining chairs B&B Italy Husk

Shelves above Rimadesia refrigerators (interior of the dressing room)

Bar stools Poltrona Frau Montera

Table Poliform Dama


Hasten Bed

Bedside table ClassiCon Adjustable Table E 1027

Dressing table Presotto

Chair B&B Italy Husk

Wardrobe Rimadesio Cover


Mirror Custom Made

Custom washbasin cabinet - material - natural teak

The panel on a bathroom - production to order - a natural teak

Plumbing Dornbracht

Shower screen Hube

Stucco workshop C.O.K.


Track Lights - Modular Medart

Table lighting Martinelli luce Babele

Lighting over the island of Foscarini Aplomb
Bathroom pendant lamp Foscarini Gregg

Bedside lamp Flos Copycat RAM


All items - Bulthaup Design Gallery

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