Dwell On This: What You Should Have in Your Home Tool Kit

Dwell On This: What You Should Have in Your Home Tool Kit

Let’s get to the nuts and bolts, shall we?
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At a Glance


  • You’re just getting the basics.


  • Find a practical tool kit for $20 or less.


  • One trip to the hardware store, and you’re set.

Not to be a downer, but we’re guessing there are a few things falling apart around the home—or at least in dire need of some maintenance. We all have those projects that have been perpetually shunted aside, relegated to the mental junk drawer labeled "One Day." Beyond the struggle of finding the time and initiative to complete them, it’s way too easy to rationalize procrastinating if you don’t have the right tools on hand. And that’s why everyone—renter or owner—should invest in their own home repair tool kit.

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