Dwell On This: Level Up Your Cabinet Hardware

Dwell On This: Level Up Your Cabinet Hardware

From kitchen cabinets to bedroom dressers, your furniture could benefit from some sprucing up.
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At a Glance


  • This will be an easy swap.


  • You'll need new knobs and pulls, but these don't have to be fancy.


  • Aside from some research, switching out old hardware is a snap.

Have you ever spotted someone wearing an impressive outfit—only to have the spell broken by poorly coordinated shoes? Or a dashing suit marred by an unfortunate tie? Like these fashion faux pas, a cabinet outfitted with dated or drab hardware can affect the overall impression of a room. Fortunately, switching out knobs, pulls, and handles is that rare type of home improvement project that’s easy, cost-effective, and won’t take longer than a weekend to complete.

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