Collection by William Lamb

Yong Jeong


Based in Seoul, Yong Jeong is a recent art school graduate whose inventive and boldly colorful industrial designs owe a debt to the South Korean designer Joongho Choi. Jeong’s One table calendar is composed of three rings that hang together with magnets, telegraphing the date and the cyclical nature of time, while a urethane-finished beech armchair is distinguished by a curved back that Jeong says is meant to “embrace” its user. He is perhaps most proud of Dora, a remote- controlled CD player that spins on an axis like a globe. Though he’s now diversifying his portfolio with lighting and stationery, Jeong says he has no immediate plans to show his work. “I’ve just graduated and I don’t have deep pockets,” he says. “The irony is that I may be known abroad but I’m little known in my home country.”

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